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March 30th, 2009, 12:23 am

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Author's Comments:

Reply ep1, March 30th, 2009, 12:27 am

Pretty toneful page. XD Not exactly my style to add so many fluffy stuffs. Haha.

On other notes, I've been making a lot of silly doodles. May consider making more doodly doodles just for fun. X3

By the way, I have a question to those who are gay, lesbians, bi or trans readers (I don't mind getting inputs from straights too :3 ). I may need some inputs from you guys concerning coming out so I may understand on how to write a story better.

Here are the questions:
1. Have you ever come out to your family?
2. How difficult was it for you to come out and what's the reaction of your family if you do ever come out? :D

Well, that's all for now. Oh, feel free to listen to the new funky music I just linked. *points up*

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User's Comments:

Reply BlackCatz, March 30th, 2009, 12:33 am


Oh poor guy....

It's tough trying to decide between parents and your love...

Edit: Answers to your questions:

I'm straight. But one of my cousins is Bi.

he came out to all of us; and he said it was tough for him, but at the time he said it was the right thing for him to do. Overall, my parents and I accepted him, but I think his parents had a tough time until they started going to PFLAG, and things are better now.
(although I feel that if I told my own parents that I was either gay or bi, they'd accept me - which I'm not -.. that's how I think they'd see things)

and some of my best friends are straight/gay/bi ~ we don't really obess over that kinda thing

Reply BK_1/VGKid, March 30th, 2009, 12:51 am

such such drama

1. lol theres no need to i'm not interested in either gender. though i thought i was bi but i'm not interested at all in either gender XD (I didn't kiss anybody or anything just thought about it)

2. My family knows nothing and i think theyd'd be shocked and probably stay off the subject. Though they'd probably get over it anyway if i was. lol were so wierd and me. I remeber telling one of my online friends about my views on same gender relationships.I told her it looked hot both ways. and she hasn't talked to me since D: it saddens me

Reply Mizuiro, March 30th, 2009, 1:30 am

I wonder if his bro was gay as well, it would make sense about his dad's hatred...

My answers :
I'm straight and I know no one in my acquaintance who is gay/bi. At any case, coming out is a difficult step for any gay/bi people : don't want to hid anything from them anymore and don't want to hurt them. But for some reasons, I feel like they have been discovered by accident and have to tell the truth ^^;

If I was gay/bi and wanted to tell them, my parents would get a heart attack XD Nah, I think they would accept me even though they would certainly be shocked. No matter who I am and whom I love, I'm still their child and this is beyond my love interest, isn't it ? ^^

Reply catqueen13, March 30th, 2009, 8:37 am

Agreeing with the comment about the bro's sexuality. Poor guy... If his dad changed for the worse, I would try talking to him... D:
Ans to questions!
I'm straight but my parent's are very tolerable towards gay/lesbian people. My dad's cousin is gay and most of their friends are too! If I turned gay one day I'm sure they would accept me for who I am! ^_^

Reply coolchan, March 30th, 2009, 1:41 pm

1. I'm a coward who's open in my school and personal life, but hasn't come out to my family. It's kind of like, in public, no one knows who you are, but if you come out to your family, you have to live with them and know that they know everyday when you wake up in the morning. :/ That makes it very difficult.

I hope that helps. :3

Reply Glory Morgenbriese, March 30th, 2009, 1:58 pm

1. I have, both as gay and as trans. [But they don't seem to understand that, as a transman, "gay" means that I like men, not that I'm a lesbian. :/]
2. It was easy to come out as gay, but extremely difficult to come out as trans. They understand "gay" and they accept it, but "trans" to them means nothing. They don't understand a thing about it, and they still haven't accepted it yet. :/

Reply Beccarama, March 30th, 2009, 3:42 pm

Awwww, poor brother. -sniffle-

As for your questions, I'm straight, and I don't know anyone who is homosexual personally, but my school is chock full of gays. Oh wait, I think I know a bi person. But besides that. I think, personally, it would be a very trying experience for someone to come out as gay to their family and friends. If it were me, I would probably be stressed about it, but I'd be relieved once I told someone and found out the reaction they'd have. Though I'm not a confrontational person, and I rather like keeping things peaceful in general. No matter who it is, though, it's a rather huge step in trust to tell your friends and family you are gay/bi/trans/whatever esle, because that means you are trusting them to not judge you based on your sexual preference, even if they've known you for forever.

The way I see it, even if someone sees being gay/bi/trans as not much of a big deal, it still is a huge thing to other people. If someone has a prejudice against gays, it is possible that they will suddenly hate you for no good reason, other than your slight deviation from the 'norm' of being straight. So, therefore, it would make me nervous, personally, because that means I'm telling someone something they could use against me later, not to mention other things I've told them in the past they'd use to scorn me. Sort of like telling someone you love them, even if people do it a lot nowadays, it's basically telling someone you trust them enough not to destroy you, though you are giving them material to completely and utterly tear you to unrecognizable shreds.

And if I were to come out, I like to think my parents would accept it. I'm sure at first they'd be kinda shocked, because that's honestly a natural reaction when someone first figures this stuff out about their child, but I think they'd get over it after a while. I'm actually adopted, honestly, and my parents are older, but I still think they'd still love me because I'm their daughter and they raised me, even if we aren't related by blood.

I hope that I didn't bore you with that, or that I helped you if you needed help. Or hopefully I got across whatever you wanted, or something. I love this comic so much. You inspire me to write my own stories more. :)

Reply Z-Owl-Hedwig, March 30th, 2009, 6:42 pm

I happen to like fluffy pages.

In response to your question:
My parents are really easy going they don't care who I bring home as long as I'm happy with him/her, but I have gay and lesbian friends who don't get along with their parents since they came out. My friends never came out to me I kinda just found out when they a talked about their boy/girlfriend.

Reply Avi den Kanashimi, March 31st, 2009, 12:59 am

Poor Louis :,(


First off, I'm Pansexual (wikipedia will tell you everything you need to know)

1) Yes I have, I have tried getting through to their heads what I am, but they just said "It'll pass"

2) Actually it was hell of a lot hard, saying I liked other genders besides boys, I cried onto my mom's lap saying I liked girls and alot, my dad also being there and said we'll accept you for who you are, we may not like it, but we will accept you since your our daughter... Well, at least that's what my dad says, and I think he means that, but his opinions on that "It'll just pass" will stay. My mom however is disgusted by the idea of sex with a women and she tries to stray away from the subject, even though I joke about her with it alot (like when we talk about arranged marriges with a man n' stuff and I say I'll be the husband XD). Currently though I'm starting to stray away from being attracted to men (mostly because of the extra "limb") but I still can't say that I don't like them, but my love for women is growing more and more... so yeah :P.

Hope this helps (even though it's from a girl's standpoint XD)

Reply unknown3rd, March 31st, 2009, 4:30 am

I think it all depends on the people who are being told. If they are close minded like the parents in your story then yes it is hard. But if they are open minded and see the person for who they are (as in them being gay/bi/lesbian is just something they like, it isnt something wrong, it is just something they prefer compared to something else) then their is no problem.

I know my close friend came out to me and was not really worried about doing so since she knew I would not judge her for it. I know when I have told people I am going to her wedding and that her partner is female too, I have had a few slightly shocked looks, but frankly I don't care what they think, since she is more important to me as a friend than they are.

Reply sakura318, March 31st, 2009, 4:35 am

D: poor Loius!!! ;_; his dad is...scary...

As for the question. I am straight.

None of my family members are gay or lesbian. Well, none that I know of.

I have gay/lesbian/bisexual friends and some haven't even come out of the closet.

Personally, I think it's scary to expose your true sexuality especially if your parents are like Louis'.

If I were gay/bi (which I'm not)...I'd tell my parents. My parents are strict catholics but I know they wouldn't treat me any different. They treat homosexuals/bisexuals/others NO different from regular people.

Sexuality does not identify you being HUMAN. :)

Reply kuroi_hitsuji, March 31st, 2009, 6:22 am

awesome doodles! XD

about your questions..

1.) I'm not gay, but I am pro-choice...uh, how do I put this... I feel very strongly about the idea of "you fall for who you fall for." and so it's like... I wanna have the choice. I told my parents that in one moral discussion over dinner and I found only me and one of my older brothers thought so.

My mum and dad respected such choices but wanted such a choice kept outside the family.

2.) When my mum heard of this, given my already very boyish attitude and news that I have fangirls, she started telling me more constantly about how I should watch out for butch girls and straight out lesbians.

Sometimes it just kinda hurts to think that if ever I fell for a girl, that it would be a big blow to the people I care about. Perhaps it's from reading so much BL? =_= I see straight guys turn all the time there...

...I have a friend who's bi and I remember her calling me up once because she felt so awkward doing her parish involvement cuz the priest was dissing all that homosexual stuff... she said it made her wonder where she'd end up: up or down. :|

Just wanted to add that perspective, it really gets me thinking sometimes. =_=

EDIT: I think--random, lol I just remembered--the most awkward moment regarding the subject, because of my "pro-choice" attitude, was when my mom just said to me(I forgot why) "basta*, ah, dont become a lesbo"

*there's no way to translate that in my opinion...because "basta" is a term kind of like "anyway" mixed with "whatever" or "regardless" and "as I was saying" it's very informal and rude if you're not close :| kinda made the talk a little serious-sounding =_=

Reply Terra Meepers, March 31st, 2009, 6:57 pm

Oh snap. This comic keeps getting serious day by day. D:
And it makes me love it more day by day. C:

As for the questions...

1. I'm straight so no coming out for me, but IF I were gay and I had to come out. I'm pretty sure the situation would be preeetty awkward...

I remember on Prop. 8 (the propostition asking to ban gay marriage in certain states), my dad said "yes" to it. I asked him why he would vote "yes" for it and if he disliked homosexuals. He told me that he doesn't specifically "hate" homosexuals he just believes that a marriage between a male and female is the "right" traditional way in marriage. If I told my parents that I was a lesbian (which I'm not) honestly, I'm not sure how they'd react. Even though they claim they'd accept whoever I'd date, I'm sure they'd feel especially uneasy knowing that I'd be going out with a girl because it's something completely different to them. And I just don't know how open-minded my parents "really" are.

2. For sure it'd be difficult if I had parents like Louis's. I mean his dad is all into religion and anti-gay rights. It'd be scary just to come out of the closet. Or better yet to even open the door. o__o'

Of course the right thing would be to tell them though, because you can't avoid your parents forever and hide your own family from them.
Can you imagine not coming to your own mother's funeral just because you don't want her to know that you're gay? Especially if you've been really close to them. It'd be pretty heartbreaking.
But that's BASED on my OWN opinion.

If my parents wouldn't accept my choice. It'd be even harder to communicate with them. Worse to worse, I'd probably just end up leaving home. I'd rather be around people who accept me for who I am than people who hate me for my own personal preferences.

BUT~ that's just my insight in the whole situation. I can't really put myself in Louis's place since it's so difficult. Poor kid. D:

EDIT:: THEN AGAIN, If I had a kid who turned out to be homosexual, I wouldn't really mind it at all.
I'm rather open-minded upon these kinds of things. And it's their choice to choose whoever they want to be with to make them happy.
My thing is "If they're happy with him/her, then I'm happy too." And besides, I can't control their lives forever, eventually they'll be on their own. (I sound like an old lady. ;__;)

Reply Sabriel19, March 31st, 2009, 10:33 pm

My brother recently came out. He's eighteen, and we had no idea. My father doesn't believe in the lifestyle and he's made that known pretty much my entire life. I suppose it was pretty shocking,especially for me because I learned last, even though I'm the most open-minded in my family. Anyway, my brother is more at ease now. He seems happier. He was always very depressed before. He didn't really open up to anyone. I think that he feels less weighted down by this. I'm sure it was hard for him to say, and thats why it took him so long. My parents think its a phase that he'll grow out of, I don't. He came out online first actually. He wrote it on his myspace, then he told my parents. I've already accepted it. My parents are a different story.

Reply fgirlmaggie, April 1st, 2009, 12:57 am

I was one of those kids who didn't even know that same-sex pairings were really possible with girls (but my dad did sort of make fun of gay guys), so in 7th and 8th grade when I noticed girls a lot, I just pushed it to the back of my mind. But by the summer before 9th grade, I was like..."Ah fuck it."

I came out to all my friends first...well...I mean, not all at once. I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but it was gradual, because I was afraid that my friends would dump me. (I didn't have any friends in 6th grade so I was just getting used to them.) I mostly let my friends know during the summer, and then when 9th grade started I joined the GSA and that really kind of let people know.

I think my parents knew all along, but they didn't ever really push. My mom bought me a rainbow necklace and stuff before I ever came out, and I didn't even intend to come out. We were just in the car one day and she said something, and even though I knew she'd accept me, I was nervous as hell telling her that I was probably bi. (I have probably one of the most accepting families ever, since we're Wiccan and so liberal that if we were any farther left, we'd be making a right turn.)

I say probably because the thought of getting farther than a kiss with a boy seems kind of vile to me.

Ew. >:(

My dad has said to my face that he wouldn't be happy if I told him that I swung in the direction of girls, and thanks to my little sister, he knows for sure. She just kind of slipped it into a conversation when I was going to an interview. She was like, "Well, tell them that since you're bi..." and I just couldn't believe it. My dad seemed not to notice, but I know he heard, and I know he knew. I don't think it will be a serious issue until I get a girlfriend.

That won't happen until I get over my friend. >.> *sigh*

Regarding the story; LOUIS YOU POOR BOY I JUST WANT TO GIVE YOU A HUG AND MAKE IT ALL BETTER! *showers you with rainbows and cookies and teddy bears* Also, in the thumbnail, the last panel looked like something right out of a fantasy manga! I was like, MAGIC PENDANT OR SOMETHING? DOUBLE-YEW TEE MONKEYS? (I don't know why I say that but it's fun, right? WT-MONKEYS?!)

EDIT: One of my friends is FLAMBOYANTLY gay, and he can't help it. It's his voice, his body type, the whole schtick. He came out to his mom, and at first she refused to believe him. But she believe his older sister when she said she was a lesbian. He comes into GSA every Thursday with a new horror story--"My mom took scissors and cut up my rainbow hat, so that's why I haven't been wearing it this week...", "She called me every name in the book last night, you know, fag, etc...", "She was nice one day and then the next day she was saying how I wasn't allowed to hang out with my girlfriends anymore because I'm too feminine. Also, she says I'm going to be shot in the head." And everyone in GSA is like, "BUT YOU CAN'T STOP BEING YOU!" and he's like, "TELL MY MOM THAT!!"

So, there's another example for you. ;) Although it's sad.

Reply ep1, April 10th, 2009, 11:20 am

D: Oh my god! I never noticed that so many of you actually came out on my page even though some of you didn't manage to successfully come out as who you really are in real life!

BlackCatz: Well, I'm glad to hear that your cousin is doing well as who he is. Although I haven't met any gay/bi/trans openly before, but I know the country where I live in isn't a very acceptable society towards gay/bi/trans people. But your cousin should consider himself lucky being able to live in a society with not too much prejudice against him.

BK_1/VGKid: Err... you're asexual? But I doubt that. When you're in love, it doesn't matter which gender you're interested, right? :) As for your online friend, I think she's just being ignorant or unaware of understanding gay relationship. It wasn't your fault to say what you're interested in, so don't feel too bad about it.

Mizuiro: LoL. You sure are lucky to have a loving family. But you know, there are some cases where the family suddenly goes bad after a gay/bi/trans kid comes out to their family. Sometimes, it's hard to tell from your parents' perception no matter how much you know your family. :3

catqueen13: LoL. Would you really want to turn gay? XD

coolchan: D: Aww... don't feel so bad. I know it's hard to come out but I hope if you do manage to come out some day, it won't be a burden for you.

Glory Morgenbriese: Hmm... perhaps your family have a different understanding on the term "trans". Or perhaps most people consider a guy as trans when he starts considering himself as a woman instead of a man? Actually, I don't quite understand on the "trans" thing either but I hope your family will be able to accept you as who you are. D:

Darkie-sama: I read from somewhere that every person has a little bisexual inside. So, rest assured that you're not the only one in the world who experience that. ^^

Beccarama: It's good to hear that you're living with such a loving family. You know that there are so many people out there who are blood related yet they are completely lack of family love, be it straight/bi/gay/trans. You should cherish everything for what you have. :D And yeah, it's true that there are so many prejudice in the world. The world needs more love! D: Oh, thanks for loving this comic. Glad to hear that my comic could inspire you and I do wish you luck in your story writing. :D

Z-Owl-Hedwig: Haha, I guess when one is in love, they will usually tell the truth no matter how well they hide. XD

Avi den Kanashimi: That is the first time I've ever heard of Pansexual. :o But whatever you've been through, I'm glad you manage to come out as who you really are. :D But don't get too scared of men's extra "limb". They are pretty fragile, you know. XD

unknown3rd: Yup, it's true that friendship are the most important thing that everyone should cherish no matter who they are. :D I guess she really trust you a lot. But I hope everyone will get over that uneasiness and more accepting towards your friend.

sakura318: It's unusual to hear Catholics being open towards gays. :D I suppose the world is changing each and every year.

kuroi_hitsuji: LoL. Well, don't worry too much about what your parents think. I believe most Asian parents are like that. XD You should probably tease your mom by playing the "coming out" game. As for your friend's opinion on whether she'd end up or down, tell her that if God created gays even in the natural kingdom, then He should love what He had created, isn't that right? :D

Terra Meepers: Oh, the Prop 8 issue. You know, I heard that a lot of married gay couples were scared that if that decision is voted "yes", it means the couple are being divorced. D: I think it's terrible that Prop 8 should even exists. Sadly, so many people out there are still close minded towards gays/bi/trans and that's why Prop 8 still exists, I guess.

Sabriel19: Aw... I'm sure most family would be shocked too if they find one of the members come out. But I'm glad your brother is now happier as who he is. Well, be sure to be supportive of your brother no matter what. :D

fgirlmaggie: Aww... If you feel that they already know about it, I'm sure you should be confident enough to tell them. :3 I know it won't be easy but if you do come out, it will ease your heart tremendously. As for you friend who is gay, he sure has a creepy mom who needs serious counseling. D:

Lastly, thank you for all your in-depth inputs! It was really helpful and I'll be sure to keep in mind on every words you all have written. :D *huggles you all*

Reply Tayday12, July 19th, 2009, 3:44 pm

If I said I was gay (I'm not), I'm sure my mother would accept me.
At least, I knew she would have before.
But she married my step-dad a couple years ago, and he's very religous and against gays completely.
So I don't know what the overall reaction would be.

I think that if I told them, my mother would accept me, but my stepdad would disown me to the point where either my mom would disown me as well, would ignore the fact that my step-dad wouldn't talk to me anymore, or she would actually end up getting a divorce over it.
I don't know.

And I don't even want to talk about my real Dad. He'd probably take a personal attack at me any chance he would get in order to try to /bully/ my sexuality into being normal.

Even though I'm not gay,
It's kind of depressing to think that if I came out of the closet for whatever reason,
that only one parent would accept me. And I'm not even sure of that.

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